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In the business of process automation, success is guaranteed by a businesses ability to manipulate software and hardware for the faster completion of tasks and processes. Another word for this is Innovation

We offer off the shelf as well as tailored software solutions for clients in order to attain the below golden eggs

  • Competitive advantage over competitors
  • Reduction in operative costs
  • Improved communication channels
  • Enhanced visibility for stakeholders and customers
  • Happier customers due to convenience and ease
  • Improved ability to scale and grow of use

Our Software products


Engage is a Call identification solution that displays rich Bespoke graphical information about the caller.


iOneBill is a global solution that enables organization to issue and present bill in a digital format to its customers....


iOnePay offers corporate organization the ability to collect money through the various types of payments online...


StorEdge Vault is a Cloud based Solution that provides Secured & Dedicated Personalized Electronic Space....


MyDiamondTv is a multimedia platform prides in entertaining, educating and informing its viewers by documenting Nigerian pop culture...