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Business Consulting

Some businesses have the infrastructure but lack the human resource for Project Implementation and execution. We have skilled and proficient Project Managers who aggressively and Strategically “Mid-Wife” and nurture projects through infancy. By creating project structures , setting clear goals, surgical risk assessment and recognition, project success is a given.

Some of the projects currently being Project Managed under our portfolio include:

  • Agency banking solution being used by; NIPOST, DiamondBank and Keystone bank.
  • Digital Media services; Content creation, content management and platform deployment for MyDiamondTV
  • EBPPs for Max Travels Travel Agency

How we do it



Our focus of Corporate Transformation covers 4 areas of expertise to assist a company trying to create its direction or revamp its current direction of business.

  • Business start-up.
  • Management service.
  • Due diligence.
  • Business processes.


We assist your company or organizations in creating a brand, increase its relevance, sell to a targeted market through online or offline channels, and then create brand loyalty through unique techniques. Below are services highlighted to accomplish this service:

  • Go-To-Market Strategy.
  • Brand Creation and Loyalty generation.
  • Market Segmentation and Deployment.
  • Content creation and distribution.


We help the operators to develop his competitiveness by increasing the relevancy, marketing and profitability of his offers:

  • Go To Market: offer, distribution and customer care strategies adapted to each target.
  • Value management: hold the most profitable customers and develop their voice and data usages.
  • Business Intelligence, Cross channel customer experience, Customer Based management, loyalty.

Capacity Building

Capacity Building increases employees' efficiency by improving their:

  • Knowledge of the company mission and vision (I know).
  • Motivation and Inspiration for the employees to achieve success for your company (I want).
  • Means of action – Design programs and steps for employees to accomplish tasks within roles effectively, in conjunction with the company’s overall mission and vision (I will do).